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Abandoned Vehicle Towing

All Seasons Towing & Recovery located in Bend, Oregon is a trusted and affordable source for abandoned, unauthorized, and unregistered vehicle towing and car pickup in Central Oregon.
Whether you need a car removed from your business or rental property, an illegally parked vehicle towed, or a junk car moved, we are fast, responsive, and friendly. Our tow truck drivers are trained and experienced to manage any abandoned or unauthorized vehicle towing request.

Towing Services for Abandoned Vehicles

The state of your vehicle, the type of your vehicle, and its destination point will determine if long-distance towing is necessary. The following are instances when towing is a top option:

  • Transport of a car without a title.

  • Illegally parked vehicle at your home residence or business.

  • Removal of vehicle from rental property or apartment complex for landlords.

  • The vehicle was left at your property by the last owner.

  • Cars parked in handicapped spots, in fire lanes, and in no parking zones.

  • Project vehicle or classic car to be towed to a garage, home, or other desired location.

  • Junk, scrap, or abandoned car winch out and towing.

  • Vehicle Repossession.

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